Dr. Baron's Lead Away & Mineral Restore
Dr. Baron's Mineral Restore
Dr. Baron's Lead Away
Dr. Baron’s Lead Away Facts
Dr. Baron’s Mineral Restore Facts
Dr. Baron's Lead Away & Mineral Restore

Dr. Baron’s Lead Away & Mineral Restore Set

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Dr. Baron’s
Lead Away - Support Against Oxidative Elements
Mineral Restore - Multi-Mineral Formula

Are you Suffering from Heavy Metal Poisoning and don’t know it?
The Solution!
Lead Away & Mineral Restore Treatment-Set of 2 Bottles

Chelation is the quickest and easiest way to remove metals from the body. Chelating agents adhere to the metals and render them harmless and able to be removed from the body safely through the urinary tract. Sometimes, chelation is so effective at removing heavy metals that it will also remove some healthy minerals with the unhealthy ones. A second product will be necessary to restore the healthy minerals. Lead Away and Mineral Restore can be used together to rid unwanted heavy minerals and replace the healthy ones.

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